5 Things To Do After Getting Engaged

You're Engaged! Congratulations!! You have just entered one of the most exciting periods of your life - wedding planning! You and your fiance have a lot of decisions ahead of you. Here are five important things to do before you get into all that!

Getting Engaged in Paris!

1. Savor the Moment

Spend some quality time with your fiance. You are beginning a beautiful journey together. You will have plenty of time to share the good news with family and friends so enjoy this time. There is something special about sharing a secrete with the person you love most. This is your opportunity to make those engagement memories. Share what you love most about each other and what you are most excited for. Stare at your ring and let yourself be a little silly about how much you love it. Take mental (and real!) pictures of each moment.

Spoil yourself! Have a special dinner or your favorite dessert. Grab that bottle of wine you have been saving. Tell the couple dining next to you that you just got engaged! Most likely they'll jump into their own engagement story and you just brightened their day.

2. Call Your Loved Ones

You will obviously want to call each sets of parents and close family. Think about all the other friends and family you wouldn't want to find out on social media. Keep in mind that some will not see your update and will want to know your exciting news. I still feel bad that my cousin had to find out through a mutual friend. Make a list and contact them before you update your Facebook status.

This was something I was looking forward to the most. I loved calling my parents and telling them I was engaged. I couldn't stop smiling and it was so fun to hear their joy and excitement for us. Tell you fiance's parents they did an amazing job and that you cannot wait for them to be your in laws!

3. Get a Manicure!

If you haven't already! Treat yourself and show off your new rock. Brag about your fiance and tell people how excited you are to marry them. Co-workers and friends are going to notice your new jewelry and this is the perfect opportunity to share your story. Think about what your ring symbolizes and what your person means to you. Get a little gushy - now is your time! You can be a little annoying about being in love.

My man did good!

4. Talk About Your Future

If you haven't already covered the big topics now is the perfect time. Talk to your fiance about things like budgeting, kids, pets, where you want to live, and how much time you will spend with family and friends. Understanding each others expectations and talking about them will set you up for marriage bliss.

Dream together! What would your perfect house look like? Your perfect job? How can you accomplish those dreams with your new teammate? Champion each other and affirm those dreams.

5. Pick 3 Things

Now you are ready for wedding planning! Your wedding will be a celebration of your love and marriage. One of the most vital things Drew and I did while wedding planning was to pick three things. We sat down and decided what the three most important aspects of our wedding would be. We wanted our guests to feel relaxed, we wanted good music for dancing, and we wanted good food i.e. tacos!

You have a lot of decisions ahead of you. With each one you can ask yourself "Does this go with our three most important things?" If not, don't do it! If things start slipping and you feel like your wedding is getting away from you, reassess your three things. Go back to what is most important and stick to it. Ask for help and remember this is a celebration so don't let it become a chore.

Celebrate every moment and enjoy getting to know your person even more. You have a very exciting life ahead of you and your wedding day is just one of those amazing moments.