So It's Valentine's Day

To be totally honest, I have never liked Valentine's Day. When I was single it was a reminder that I felt alone and in relationships there is pressure to make the day special. Yesterday Drew looked at me and said "I didn't get you anything" with a hint of fear in his eyes. I laughed, "I didn't get you anything either!" He sighed, "Oh thank God".

Now the day has come and I have decided to look at it in a new light. Romantic love is a wonderful and beautiful thing. But so is the love between a mother and child or the "brotherly" love we feel towards close friends. We are so blessed by the relationships around us. I'm sure everyone one of us can think of at least 5 people they truly love.

So, instead of stressing about how I can make sure we have a special day I want to choose to celebrate love in all its forms. I'm spending some time thinking about the love I share with my family, my friends and my husband. I'm thinking about what makes them special in my life and how thankful I am for each individual.

So if you're married, single, longing for marriage, or just feeling crappy and alone, first know that I see you and I've been there. Please also know that there are so many people who love you dearly. Today doesn't have to Hallmark's reminder of something you don't have. It can be a beautiful reminder of all the love you already have.

Don't get me wrong I'll still pull some lingerie out from the back of my drawer, but I'm not going to be worried about topping last years Valentine's plans. It doesn't have to be about fulfilling expectations. Let's take a minute and forget about the flowers, the chocolates, the sex and fancy dinners. Let's focus on what really matters, the love we share with the people who mean the most.

Happy Valentine's Day!