Who We Are

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Our wedding in Livermore, CA inspired us to invest in Bay Area wine country

Hey! We're the Felker's and we are excited to begin this journey creating Lavender Glen. We got married in October 2017 in Drew's hometown of Livermore, California. We loved celebrating with our family and friends in a relaxed and beautiful setting. Our enjoyable experience led us to brainstorm the possibility of creating our very own wedding venue.

I will never get over those hills!

There's Wine Country, and there's Wine COUNTRY. Livermore is the latter. With a relaxed yet, elegant vibe, our growing city tells the best wine story. You can abandon the pretense and get to the heart of what good wine is all about, an experience. As one of my favorite bumper stickers reads, "Livermore makes wine, Napa makes auto parts."

This pretty much sums up who we are

We're Allie and Drew. We like to have fun and make things. Join us on this journey as we make something cool in one of our favorite places.